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 Search Engine ( सर्च इंजन )

Search engine is a very popular and convenient program in website. Search engine is a program that finds any particular information from the information available on the Internet and displays it on our screen, such as if we want to get any information about an institution, company, college, university, etc., then for this we use Search Tool.

And about whom you want to get detailed information, you can get the information. The following different types of search engines are available on the Internet.

  1. Yahoo
  2. Altavista
  3. Lycos
  4. HotBot
  5. Dogpile
  6. Google

All this search engine coffee is popular. The most popular and most used search engine among these is Google. To search any information in Google, we follow the following steps -

Step 1: Type the website's URI in the web browser and press the Enter key.

Step 2: After this the home page of Google's website is displayed on the screen.

Step 3: In the search box displayed on the home page of Google, type the word that you want to search, such as the name of a university, company, etc. After that click on Search Button.

Step 4: According to the word entered in the search box, information and links are displayed on the screen.


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