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Nowadays the word blog is very much in vogue, people write their blogs, look on any social site, you will get to see blogs. Blog is the most discussed topic, be it celebrities, politicians, ministers or general public, all are writing blogs. Now the mind comes to mind, what and how to write a blog, so in this post we will know about blog, blogging and WordPress.

What is WordPress ? Definition of WordPress | www.Nothingproto.in

What is WordPress?

What is Blog ?( WordPress Blog )

Blog is a platform where you can express your knowledge in your own words and give information to your users about the subject about which you have good knowledge, you You can start your own blog related to that topic. How to do blogging (How to blogging?) For blogging you need blogging tools, for blogging you can use WordPress.Now we will know what is WordPress? 

What is WordPress ?

WordPress is an online open source website building tool, which works to create websites online. WordPress is built using the PHP programming language. If told in today's time, then it is the easiest and most powerful blogging website content management system. Thousands of themes and plugins are available to manage the website in this content management system. WordPress was created by Matt Mullenweg in PHP and MySQL, and it was launched as open source on 27 May 2003. Like WordPress, there are many other Content Management System (CMS) Free Open Source, such as Joomla, Bootstrap, Tumblr, Drupal, but WordPress is the most popular CMS used.

How WordPress works ?

If the content management system was not already made, then the web developers themselves used to prepare it, then work on it. For this it was important to have knowledge of programming language. In this way, the development and designing of the website used to take a lot of time. In today's era, WordPress is the easiest and most powerful Content Website Management for Blogging, which is also called CMS for short.

This means that a developer does not have to do all the work himself for the content and design of the website page. Like Themes, Mobile Responsive Themes, Plugins are made ready, and they just have to be installed and used. You can create any type of website on WordPress by customizing it according to you. If you want, you can use it as a website, you can create a WooCommerce website for shopping or you can do blogging by creating a blog.

How to Get WordPress ?

Like traditional desktop software, WordPress runs online. You do not need to install anything separately in your computer nor do you need any special device to run it. You can update your website from anywhere through internet connection even you can create website from your smartphone also. There are even free WordPress mobile apps for iPhones and Android phones.

Requirement of WordPress :

According to the data as of April 2018, there are 10 million websites all over the world, out of which 30.6% are built on WordPress. That's why WordPress is the world's most popular and most used website management system. Right now there are about 50,316 plugins in WordPress, out of which each plugin provides custom functions and has been made to serve as per the need.

SEO information is as important for a blogger as medicine for a doctor. For search engine optimization in the Blogger.com platform, all the work has to be done by itself. Everyone knows that social signals are also necessary in blogging, the blogger's post has to be shared manually. Whereas in wordpress we get countless and beneficial plugins.

WordPress has plugins for everything :

Some Popular Plugins Used in WordPress :

Yoast SEO : Best Plugin for Search Engine Optimization -

Jetpack : it is used to share direct posts on social media sites.

WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, WP Rocket : Makes websites load superfast.

One Signal Push Notification : to send notification to the subscriber on post publish and update.

Google Analytics : This is very helpful in tracking traffic.

Contact Form 7 : provides this form to accept visitor comments. 

Akismet Anti Spam : protects blog from spam comments and spam login. Ways to use WordPress.

There are two ways to host your WordPress website :

Blogging in WordPress

Now this question must be arising in your mind whether WordPress is free or will there be a charge. Word Press is a free service, but it provides its service in two ways, in which it itself uses 2 different platforms.

  1. WordPress.com
  2. WordPress.org


If you do not want to pay for your domain and hosting yourself. Then wordpress.com is your website of work. In this, neither you have to pay hosting charges nor do you have to pay for the web server, it is absolutely free to use. You can create a blog absolutely free on WordPress.Com. For this you do not need any web hosting and domain. WordPress.Com works in the same way as you create your own blog on Google's Blogger.Com. In this you also get the option to customize your website. There are also some disadvantages of creating a website in wordpress.com, as the default wordpress.com will be connected to your domain. You will not be able to upload a separate theme to change the look of the website. Apart from this, you will not be able to use the plugin either.


You can create a Professional Website or Blog on WordPress.org. But this is a Paid Service because to create a website on it you have to buy Web Hosting and Domain, only then you can work on it. All the big bloggers, they all work on this. When you buy a domain name for your own website and take a web hosting server and install WordPress on it, then this wordpress wordpress.org works. Here you get many different benefits which are not there on wordpress.com. For this, you can choose your Top Level Domain, for which you can buy the domain for at least one year and renew it every year as per the requirement, along with this, you can buy from any web hosting company on Monthly / Yearly basis. You can also buy hosting and host your website's domain by pointing it to it.

Some Important Features of Creating a Website on WordPress.org

Plugins : WordPress Plugin allows users to enhance the functions and features of the website / blog. There are 50316 plugins available in WordPress, each of which enhances the functionality of the website in its own way.

Theme : provides the WordPress user the facility to install thousands of themes for their website, along with this, you can switch from one theme to another theme whenever you want on the WordPress platform. In WordPress website, without making any changes to the core code or site content, users can change the look and function of the theme, such a facility is provided by WordPress. Every WordPress website has at least one. There is a theme, and the designing of each theme should be according to the standard of WordPress, which also includes Structured PHP, valid HTML (Hypertext Markup language) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Mobile Application : The Native Application of WordPress is also available for WebOS, Android OS, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry. In these applications, you can add new posts and pages to the website / blog, along with this you can design, comment. Another such feature in Multi user Blogging WordPress which is very important. More than one user can be placed in it. According to our wish, we can keep 3-5 as many bloggers as we want, and we can get the work done. Through this we can also create separate login details of each user.

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