Instagram Removing Recent Tab Option |

 Instagram Removing a Feature: Instagram broke the hearts of users! Turning off this feature

Instagram Removing Recent Tab Option |
Instagram Removing Recent Tab Option |

Instagram Removing Recent Tab Option: Social media platform Instagram has recently confirmed that they are going to remove an important tab from their platform. Let us know which tab is this and what will happen if it is removed.

Instagram Testing to Remove Recent Tab

Option: In today's social media era, if there is one app that is used a lot around the world, it is Instagram. This photo sharing app has recently made an announcement which has broken the hearts of the users. Instagram is soon going to remove an interesting feature from its platform. Let us know what is this feature and what difference can its removal make.

Instagram is removing this feature

For your information, let us tell you that Instagram has confirmed on its official Twitter handle that they are going to remove the 'Recent Tab' option from their platform. If you are wondering what happens with this feature, then let us tell you that when you search for a post through hashtags, you can check the recently posted posts through the 'Recents tab'. Now this tab is being removed.

What will be its effect on the users

The removal of the 'Recents tab' may have a direct impact on users who have recently created a page on Instagram and want to become famous through trending hashtags. After the removal of this tab, users will now see only two tabs, one 'Top' and one 'Reels', on searching the hashtag.

At present, this tab is not being removed for everyone.

Let us tell you that Instagram has made it clear that at present the 'Recents tab' will not be removed for everyone as it is currently being tested. This feature will be removed completely only if the platform sees benefit from this move. It will be known only going forward whether Instagram is completely removing the 'Recents tab' from the platform or not.

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